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  • Shin, Dongyoub
  • Division   Management
    Ph.D. Yale University
  • Lab   Business Hall #651
  • Contact   02-2123-4459
  • Email   dshin@yonsei.ac.kr


1996 Ph.D. Yale University
1985 M.A. Yonsei University
1983 B.A. Yonsei University, Business Administration


Assistant and Associate Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University.

President, Korean Academy of Managment.

Chair, Seoul Spring International Chamber Music Festival.

INSEAD, France, Research Fellow, 1996~1997. 

Yale Program On Non-Profit Organization, Research Fellow, 1995~1996.


Organization Theory/Organizational Behavior, CEO Studies,  Creativity and Innovation, 21st Century Management Paradigm, Organizational Design and Change, Strategic Leadership, Vision and Leadership, Entrepreneurship.


Institutional Change, Creativity and Innovation, Paradigm Shift in Organization Management, Social Network, Nonprofit Organization, Art and Management, Social Movement.


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Shin, D. 1998. Innovation et Apprentissage Technologique en Coree. Le Journal de l'Ecole de Paris du Management, 12: 15-20.


President, Korean Academy of Management, 2015-2016. 

Editor, Korean Academy of Management Journal, 2010-2012. 

Outstanding Teaching Award, School of Business, Yonsei University. Outstanding Teaching Award, Yonsei University.

Thompson Outstanding Paper Award, American Sociological Association.

J.D. Rockerfeller III Fellowship.

Mellon Followship.


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