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SIM offers non-degree, certificate-based training and development programs for Korean business professionals who are personally motivated to advance their management capabilities. Our dynamic programs stimulate new ideas, sharpen decision-making skills, and provide the groundwork for continued development and success. With programs encompassing leadership, strategy, marketing and finance, SIM provides you with the flexibility to choose the courses that best meet your needs. At SIM, we strive to nurture business experts through cutting-edge theories of internationally acclaimed professors of Yonsei University as well as the case studies provided by experts in various fields.

Below are some of our popular open programs taken by Korean business professionals.

Advanced Analyst Program (AAP)

In light of today’s economic challenges, every decision in business practices requires the precise assessment of "corporate risk." Thus, securing highly competent corporate analysts equipped with practical ability will be a deciding factor for business competitiveness, with ready-to-use decision-making skills in business practices becoming the most valuable asset for corporations.
Corporate analysts with high-level analytical skills will prevent insolvent debts and investment loss and will play a crucial role in improving competitiveness of financial institutions and corporations through "successful risk management."
The Advanced Analyst Program (AAP) is a sophisticated risk analysis program focused on practical business cases, designed for finance and accounting experts seeking to acquire excellent risk management and decision-making skills that will help them succeed in "early warning."

Potential candidates: Professionals who have work experience in corporate analysis, accounting and finance.

Advanced Marketing Strategy Program (AMSP)

Competition with the world’s leading companies has become inevitable for Korean companies due to the current trends of globalization. Furthermore, a new paradigm for market management is in desperate need due to ever more complicated customer demand and fierce competition. Our Advanced Marketing Strategy Program (AMSP) is designed to nurture marketing experts who lead the market through customer-centered marketing strategies, providing ways to effectively manage market and consumers.
Particularly, lectures on new paradigm marketing, such as marketing strategy, internet marketing focusing on new product development and product management will give you the general understanding of marketing. The program is 4 months long, consisting of lectures by professors from both inside and out of Korea and prominent marketing experts who will provide educational opportunities you cannot receive in any other current MBA programs. Prepare yourself for the age of limitless competition with the Advanced Marketing Strategy Program!

Potential candidates: Executives and employees in charge of tasks related to marketing, sales, promotion, planning, strategy-making, and product branding.

Franchise CEO Program (FCP)

Franchising is emerging as a very viable business model of the 21st century. However, there are not many opportunities to obtain specialized knowledge and education on franchise management. Therefore, most of the franchise management in Korea has been limited to quantitative expansion, simply focusing on opening franchise stores to increase sales. In today’s challenging, competitive business environment, franchise leaders encounter leadership, communications, and positioning challenges.

The Franchise CEO program which has been developed by Yonsei University and the Korean Franchise Association is a powerhouse of franchise management education and the center of human networking within the franchise industry. The program will offer a very valuable experience for individuals to expand knowledge and awareness of best practices in franchising and enhance their capacity to take on 21st century franchise challenges.

Potential candidates: CEOs, executives, and employees of franchise headquarters and franchise stores as well as related organizations.

3C Marketing for Financial Leaders

The 3C marketing program is designed to provide future financial leaders with an opportunity to learn
3C marketing strategies at the time of digital revolution. Here, 3C marketing stands for financial marketing strategies based on creativity, collaboration, and convergence. With this one-year program, future financial leaders will experience various analytical marketing techniques, innovative thinking processes, and global competences for successful financial marketing.

Young Owners CEO Program

The Young Owners CEO Program offers professional business training and development for young executives and owner-leaders who play a leading role in an increasingly globalized world.

Potential candidates: Executives of family-run businesses, owners and CEOs of small and medium-sized enterprises, venture business owners, entrepreneurs of start-ups, management consulting firms, etc.

Yonsei Leaders Mini-MBA

The Yonsei Leaders Mini-MBA Program offers individuals the opportunity to cultivate core management skills necessary for becoming future leaders within their respective organizations.

Potential candidates: Executives and employees of corporations, institutions, and organizations who intend to receive intensive and short-term professional management education equivalent to a full-time MBA course.

DT3C Innovative Leader Program

The DT3C Innovative Leader Program is designed to nurture professionals who will lead digital transformation and innovation in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

Potential candidates: Executives and employees in charge of planning, strategy-making, and innovation.


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