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                          Welcome to Sangnam Institute of Management! 

The Sangnam Institute of Management (SIM) was founded in 1999 with the financial support of the Honorary Chairman of LG Group, Cha-Kyung Koo. SIM is affiliated with the Yonsei School of Business (YSB), which is one of the leading business schools in Korea. Since its inception, SIM has striven to achieve its founding goal of providing world-class executive education. With our excellent faculty, education programs, and learning facilities, we are proud to say that we have already achieved most of our ambitious goals. Yet, our pursuit of excellence for our students and alumni never ceases.

Our mission is to provide creative and insightful learning experiences to global business leaders. We strive to fully incorporate the needs of our clients, both corporate and individual, throughout our programs. As such, we have developed and provided a number of customized programs for our clients in diverse industries.

Our vision is to become a Global Leading Executive Education Institute that represents and demonstrates the excellence of Korean executive education to the world throughout the 21st century. Many leading Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, SK, and Kumho-Asiana have created long-standing partnerships with SIM to enhance their executive training and development. Moreover, corporations and government agencies from Europe, North America, and Asia have sent their officials and employees to SIM to learn more about the Korean economy as well as Korean ways of doing business.

Once again, all of us here at SIM welcome you to our website. I urge you to spend your time checking out our website to learn more about SIM. 

Thank you.

Yong Suhk Pak, Ph.D.
Dean, Sangnam Institute of Management

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