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The Yonsei School of Business, which has long provided educational and consulting services for professional executives as part of academic-industrial collaboration, had a vision of establishing a well-respected executive learning center. While searching for a corporate partner, the former CEO and chairman of LG Group, Mr. Cha-Kyung Koo expressed his interest in helping us fulfill our vision. Soon after, the official sponsorship from LG Group with about US$10 million endowment resulted in the establishment of Sangnam Institute Management (SIM).
The construction of the 6-storey building with one underground floor on 1,634 acres site began on March 17, 1997 and was completed on December 17, 1998. SIM was officially inaugurated on March 15, 1999 educating about 1,200 professionals and executives annually and has become the best university-affiliated executive learning center in Korea. We strive to develop SIM as a globally recognized professional and executive learning institute known for its practical yet highly innovative educational programs.

2020 Ranked 57th in the World in 2020 FT Ranking in Custom Programs
2019 Ranked 70th in the World in 2019 FT Ranking in Custom Programs
2018 Ranked 71st in the World in 2018 FT Ranking in Custom Programs
2017 Ranked 72nd in the World in 2017 FT Ranking in Custom Programs
2016 Ranked 82nd in the World in 2016 FT Ranking in Custom Programs
2013 Ranked 1st in Asia and 61st in the World in 2012 FT Ranking in Custom Programs
2012 Ranked 3rd in Asia and 68th in the World in 2012 FT Ranking in Custom Programs
2011 Re-selected by the European Commissionas the educational institute for Executive Training Program(ETP) 2012-2015

Deans/Associate Deans

DeansAssociate Deans
2023 Mar Yong Suhk Pak Sue Ryung Chang
2021 Mar Soon kyoo Choe  
2020 Mar Ho Geun Lee Se Bum Park 
2019 Mar Sung Joo Bae
2017 Mar Dong-Jin Lee Kyung Min Park
2016 Mar Young Chan Kim Kyung Min Park
2015 Mar Sunju Park
2013 Mar Sungkyu Sohn Soon Hong Min
2010 Sept Daesik Hur
2009 Mar Se Joon Yoon Dong Il Jung
2006 Sept Young Ho Eom
2002 Jan Tae Hyun Kim Dong Youb Shin
2001 Jul  
2000 Aug Young Soo Shin Kyung Tae Lee
1998 Dec Kang Heum Yon

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