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  • Son, Jai Yeol
  • Division   Information Systems (IS)
    Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Lab   Business Hall #637
  • Contact   02-2123-5456
  • Email   json@yonsei.ac.kr


2001 Ph.D. Georgia Tech


Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University, 2011 - present
Associate Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University, 2008-2011
Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CANADA, 2001-2008


Machine Learning for Business Analytics (Undergraduate)
Business Analytics for Managers (MBA)
Business Analytics (MSc, PhD) 
Management Information Systems
e-business Strategy


Online User Behavior
Online Security and Privacy 


Park, J., Son, J-Y., and Suh, K-S. 2022. Fear Appeal Cues to Motivate Users' Security Protection Behaviors: An Empirical Test of Heuristic Cues to Enhance Risk Communication. Internet Research, 32(3), 708-727,

Yoo, J., Park, J., Jeon, H., and Son, J-Y. Three Qualities of OTT Services: A Mixed Methods Approach. Information Systems Review, 24(1), 59-87.

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Do, H. and Son, J-Y. 2019. The Effect of Interaction among Game Users on Continuance Intention: Focusing on Competition and Cooperation. Internet E-Commerce Research, 19(6), 57-74.

Jeon, J., J. Choi, J. and Son, J-Y. 2018. The Effect of Message Completeness and Leakage Cues on the Credibility of Mobile Promotion Messages, Information Systems Review, 20(1), 61-80.

Son, J-Y. and Park, J. 2016. Procedural Justice to Enhance Compliance with Non-work-related computing (NWRC) Rules: Its Determinants and Interaction with Privacy Concerns, International Journal of Information Management, 36(3), 309-321.

Cavusoglu, H.,  Cavusoglu, H., Son,  J-Y. , Benbasat, I. 2015. Institutional Pressures in Security Management: Direct and Indirect Influences on Organizational Investment in Information Security Control Resources, Information and Management, 52(4), 385-400.

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Park, J. and J. Son. 2012. Understanding Customer Participation Behavior via B2C Microblogging. Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems, 22(4): 51-73.

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Kim, S. and Son, J-Y. 2009. Out of Dedication or Constraint? A Dual-Model of Post-Adoption Phenomena and Its Empirical Test in the Context of Online Services. MIS Quarterly 33(1), 49-70.

Son, J-Y. and Kim, S. 2008. Internet Users’ Information Privacy-Protective Responses: A Taxonomy and a Nomological Model. MIS Quarterly 32(3), 503-529.

Son, J-Y., Narasimhan, S., Riggins, F., and Kim, N. 2008. Understanding the Development of IOS-Based Trading Partner Relationships: A Structural Model and its Empirical Validation. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 18(1), 34-60.

Son, J-Y. and Benbasat, I. 2007. Organizational Buyers' Adoption and Use of B2B Electronic Marketplaces: Efficiency- and Legitimacy-oriented Perspectives. Journal of Management Information Systems 24(1), 55-99.

Son,J-Y., Kim, S., and Riggins, F. 2006. Consumer Adoption of Net-Enabled Infomediaries: Theoretical Explanations and an Empirical Test. Journal of the Association for Information Systems 7(7), 473-508.

Son, J-Y., Tu, L., and Benbasat, I. 2006. A Descriptive Content Analysis of Trust-Building Measures in B2B Electronic Marketplaces. Communications of the Association for Information Systems 18, 99-128.

Son, J-Y., Narasimhan, S., and Riggins, F. 2005. Effects of Relational Factors and Channel Climate on EDI Usage in the Customer-Supplier Relationship. Journal of Management Information Systems 22(1), 321-353.



Editor-in-Chief, Yonsei Business Review, 2019-2021
Vice President, Korean Management Information Systems Association, 2018
Editorial Board, Information Systems Review, 2018-
Best Paper Award, Korean Management Information Systems Fall Meeting, 2017
Teaching Excellence Award, Yonsei Univ. 2011, 2012, 2018, 2020
Teaching Excellence Award, School of Business, Yonsei Univ. 2011, 2017, 2020, 2022
Research Excellence Award, Yonsei Univ. 2010
Choheon Research Excellence Award, Schoo of Business, Yonsei Univ., 2009
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada, 2003-2007
Best Paper Award, University of British Columbia, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004.
Editorial Board Member, Information and Management, 2007 - 2011.
Research Grants, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada 2003-2007, 2008-2011 


Gruduate Academic Program Director 2017.3-2019.2
AMP Director 2016
ODI Division Chair 2011-2012


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