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  • Kim, In Joon
    Professor Emeritus
  • Division   Finance
    Ph.D. Columbia University
  • Email   ijkim728@yonsei.ac.kr


1985 Ph.D. Columbia University
1980 MBA Columbia University
1972 B.S. Seoul National University, Applied Chemistry


Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University, 2006-present
Professor, KAIST, 1991-2006
Assistant Professor, New York University, 1985-1991


Financial Management Investments
Derivatives Asset Pricing Fixed Income Securities Theory of Financial Markets
Numerical Methods in Finance


Equilibrium models of asset pricing Derivative securities Corporate liabilities and interest dependent securities Risk Management


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I.J. Kim and G.Y. Park. 2006. An Empirical Comparison of Implied Tree Model for KOSPI 200 Index Options. International Review of Economics and Finance: 52-71.

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I.J. Kim and Sol Kim. 2003. On the Usefulness of Implied Risk Neutral Distributions - Evidence from Korean KOSPI 200 Index Options Market. Journal of Risk, 6: 1-18.

I.J. Kim and C.M. Ahn. 2001. The Effect of Time Complementarity on Consumption Smoothing and the Equity Premium. Research in Finance, Vol. 19: 153-168.

I.J. Kim, Choi Hyun Woo, Ahn Byung Hun, Yoon Kyung Lim. 1999. On the Economics of Callback Services. Journal of Regulatory Economics, 15(2): 165-181.

I.J. Kim, S.W. Kwon and H.Y. Cho. 1996. Duration and Immunization Strategy of Default-Prone Bonds. The International Journal of Finance and Economics, 8(2): 146-161.

I.J. Kim. 1994. Analytic Approximation of the Optimal Exercise Boundaries for American Futures Options. Journal of Futures Markets, 14(1): 1-24.

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I.J. Kim. 1990. The Analytic Valuation of American Options. The Review of Financial Studies, 3: 547-572.


Outstanding Teaching Award, Yonsei University, 2007
President, Korean Finance Association, 2003-2004
President. IFS, 2000-2004
President, Korean Association of Futures and Options, 1999-2000
Editor-in-Chief, Korean Journal of Futures and Options, 1995-1997
Vice President, Korean Financial Management Association, 1995-1996
Editor-in-Chief, Korean Journal of Finance, 1993-1994


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