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  • Chang, Dae Ryun
    Retired Professor
  • Division   Marketing
    D.B.A. Harvard University
  • Email   drchang@yonsei.ac.kr


1986 D.B.A. Harvard University
1981 MBA Columbia University
1979 B.Comm. University of British Columbia, Commerce


Professor, School of Business, Yonsei University, 1987-present
Dean, Graduate School of International Studies, 2006~2008


Marketing Management, International Marketing (Coursera MOOC), Advertising, B2B Marketing


The Moderators of the Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovation in business to business marketing with an emphasis on emerging markets and technologies Integrated marketing communication, Marketing and brand strategy in Asia.


refereed journal articles:

Lee, Hosun, Dae Ryun Chang, and Sabine Einwiller. A study on the dynamics between the moral reasoning, celebrity image and consumers' support for celebrity comebacks after a transgression. Journal of Product & Brand Management. 2021.

Chang, Dae Ryun. Using Films to Achieve Diversity Goals in Marketing Education. Journal of Marketing Education. 2020.

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Chang, Dae Ryun, Joonsuk Jang, Eric Lee, Hosun Lee, and Boinn Chang.  When a good company transgresses: A study of the influences of CSR, moral decoupling, and ethnocentrism. Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 2017. 8 (1).

Lee, Chungyeol, Dae Ryun Chang, Nayeon Kim and Hosun Lee. Study on the Interaction between Corporate Reputation and Negativity Framing on Consumer Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility. Asia Marketing Journal. 2016. 17 (4).

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Don Ryun Chang, Dae Ryun Chang and Seungkyung Kwon, 2013. Transbranding based on media expansion and change. Journal of korean society of design science.

Books, Chapters in Books and Cases:

Chang, Dae Ryun (2015), Mastering Noon Nopi: The Art & Science of Marketing in Asia, Yonsei University Press. 

Chang, Dae Ryun, Don Ryun Chang, and Sebum Park (2015), Integrated Brand Communication, Booknet Publishing. 

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President, Korean Marketing Association, 2016~2017
University Outstanding Research Award, Book 2017
Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea, Sejong Academic 2016 Book Selection for: Noon Nopi, Mastering the Art & Science of Marketing in Asia 
Outstanding Teaching Award, Yonsei School of Business, 2006, 2009, 2015, 2019, 2020
Dean,Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University, 2006-2008
Director,Yonsei Management Research Center, 2005-2006, 2011~2013 
Director, Division of International Education, Yonsei University, 1996-2000
Editor-in-Chief, Korean Marketing Review, Korean Marketing Association
Editorial Board Member, Business Horizons, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business to Business Marketing, Journal of Marketing Education,  International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal.  


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