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The Hub for Korean Business Education

SIM is an international provider of executive education, drawing participants from around the globe to learn about Asian and Korean business methodologies. As part of Yonsei University School of Business, SIM provides easy access to cutting-edge, insightful, and innovative programs. SIM developed various international joint programs such as Global Executive MBA and consortium programs with foreign institutions. As a result, SIM has become the EU’s business education partner since 2007 and also provided various short programs on the Korean and Asian Business Management to executives from top universities in the world such as ESSEC and ESADE.

Practical and Relevant Content

The curriculum is based on contemporary industry and market needs, whilst looking to the future. Our teaching methodology and program content help strengthen participants’ problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making capabilities. Integrating theory with practical applications is emphasized at SIM. SIM also contributes to corporate development and strengthening of corporate competitiveness through continuous research on problems faced by Korean corporations.

Outstanding Teaching with World-Class Professors

Our faculty members hold a PhD from the world’s most prestigious universities. They are internationally acclaimed experts for their research on current business issues and have been published in numerous business journals.

Close Network with Leading Korean Companies

SIM is the de facto destination for leaders of corporate Korea. A countless number of Korea’s largest and most influential companies have participated in our education programs. Every relationship solidifies our role as a strategic business partner for Korea’s leading business organizations and as a contributor to the growth of Korea’s economy.

Global Recognition

Our executive programs have been ranked as one of the top programs around the world:

Financial Times (2019)
- Ranked #70 in the World for Custom Programs in the 2019 FT Executive Education Rankiings
- #1 in Korea

Financial Times (2018)
- Ranked #71 in the World for Custom Programs in the 2018 FT Executive Education Rankiings
- #1 in Korea

Advantageous and Strategic Location in East Asia

SIM is located in Seoul, the city known as an international center of trade, culture, and entrepreneurship. Participants will be visiting one of the top cities in Asia for innovative business practices. Our location in Seoul provides executives with rich opportunities to travel and experience some of the world’s most important economic giants, Japan and China.

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